Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding can help to restore your smile and cover imperfections and minor flaws. Bonding uses composite resin to fill in cracks, gaps, spaces and small chipped areas at the front of your smile. Most bonding can last for 10 or more years before it will need to be completely replaced. The procedure to place bonding is quick and easy, and little to no anesthetic is required.

Why might Dental Bonding be needed?

Dental bonding is ideal for minor flaws and imperfections that have you feeling badly about your appearance. These include chips, gaps, spaces and minor breaks that would otherwise require more invasive procedures to fix. The procedure involves placing a tooth-colored material over the area so that it blends in seamlessly. Your bonding is a wonderful way to restore your smile and improve your confidence.

What Is Dental Bonding
Why Might Dental Bonding Be Needed

What makes you a candidate for Dental Bonding?

Most patients are good candidates for bonding because of how noninvasive the procedure actually is. We can examine your teeth to determine if bonding is right for you. Your front teeth should be otherwise healthy enough to receive the bonding material. If you have older bonding that is showing signs of damage or wear, we can replace this easily in our office.

What happens during the Dental Bonding procedure?

We first apply a bonding gel to the area and wash it away. The composite resin is matched to your teeth and applied directly over the damaged or compromised area. The material is then smoothed and detailed into place. We then cure the bonding with a bright light that prevents it from moving or falling away. You can expect your bonding to last for many years while improving the look of your smile. It is important to brush your teeth normally, even with the bonding in place. It is safe to floss around teeth that have been bonded, so don’t skip this important oral hygiene step.

If you would like to learn more about bonding, call our office today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.